Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Bride

Being led through the aisle by her father to the bridegroom and it was the happiest moment of her life.
Smiling & waving to the crowd.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lawrence & Irene

The White Rabbit, a restaurant & bar housed in an awe-inspiring and beautifully restored old chapel in Singapore. They serve a fresh take on both classic European comfort food and age-old cocktails - all inspired by the past, while cleverly show casing the present.
Lawrence & Irene have chosen to have their holy matrimony wedding ceremony conducted in this establishment which was followed by 5 - course executive lunch. They shared and celebrated their happiness and important occasion with families and friends in a western classical and romantic way instead of the normal 'Yam Seng' Chinese style. We wish them happiness, longevity, prosperity in the many many years ahead. Enjoy the photos I have with this lovely newly wedded couple;)
Happy Moments

Monday, May 16, 2011

Nice People Nice Places - South Korea

Travel has now been made affordable through low cost airlines like airasia, tiger airline, virgin airline. This time around I have been able to travel to South Korea with the invitation of friends. Make few new friends. One of the couple is Mr. Hwang Jae iL & his wife. It is through their god son, Eric, that we are fortunate to meet to know them. Mr. Hwang is an artist lecturer in the local university and a businessman. His wife open a tea shop in Yeongju cultural village. Mr. Hwang is a pleasant , stout looking gentleman and he straight away took us, on arrival to his town, to his small town church, had lunch, attended the church sermon, fellowship with his fellow men. It was really a warm reception and entertaining experience to be with the Korean. Took a few portrait shots of Mr. Hwang & wife and it is also a show on my part to say thank you and appreciation of their generosity, friendship extended to us all while we were there.

Mr. Hwang & wife

The tea shop
A warm, delicious meal at the church on arrival