Saturday, July 20, 2013

A trek to Mount Kinabalu, Sabah

I have actually planned a trip to scale Mount Kinabalu together with my two sons a few years back. But      things did not turn up as it is as both were busy with their studies and cannot fix an appropriate time we can do it together as father and sons affair. Maybe some day I might be able to do it with them as I love to spend some time with them before they are married.

The ascent to Mount Kinabalu is not that hard actually. You just need to be at least fit, no altitude sickness and able to trek 8-9 hours coming back all the way from the mountain's peak then back to the starting trail from the park where we started. Going up is easiest as one need to walk 4-5 hours to the mid mountain where we can rest the night before continuing to the peak early in the morning around 2:30am.

Awesome, amazingly interesting to see how nature and creation formed itself. The formation of the mountain's rocks, the twisting ascending rocks that formed the mountain, the peace, tranquility, the waterfalls, the early morning mist, freshness of the air and the natural floral beauties at the base of the trails to the mountain. A natural beauty!

Laban Rata rest house
From right: With Jack, a lecturer from US and Joseph.
The ascent.
The peak
The guide who leads us.