Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Impressive South Korea

South Korea landscaping and the country's eco-friendly drainage system have created an impressive, clean and conducive healthy living environments. Their infrastructures like highway is commendable. It goes through terrains and maintains with many bridges and tunnels and driving along the highway is smooth and less stress as it was well planned and managed.
They are rich in cultures and their people are hard working. I was impressed by the city water channel (man-made stream). It is spectacular floored with people and tourists enjoying the crystal clear running water going through the channel, thereby creating a sense of delightful scene. The channel's water features as I was informed, is water drawn from the underground drained off from the nearby Bundang line of Seoul Metro(approx. 4,500 tons a day).
The water channel or the so called man-made stream. People gather around it and have fun and leisure relaxing time there.
With an educated work force, korea have no problem maintaining itself as a power house among the top industrial nations.
These are lanterns with tags from donors at the Buseoksa temple.
Confucianism is very much linked to the culture of the Korean people. This are house models in the cultural village at Namsangol Hanok Village.The height and shape of the roofs vary according to the degree of importance  of houses.
Blending the modern structures with the ancient is the entrance to Gyeongbogung palace.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kuching & Model Shooting

Some photos when I was in Kuching last week. The two pretty models were Angela and Ellie.
Dawn at the Kuching city water front, Sarawak.
Century old shops at Carpenter street.
Dusk at the water front.
Model Angela
Model Ellie