Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Be Confident. Fear Not

I came across a short article printed on a receipt from a bookstore. Thought it is interesting to share it out in my blog:) :- Our body need food to stay alive and healthy. So does our mind and spirit to keep moving and motivated to do things right. Enjoy:D

No one tries new things because they're confident about it after trying. They get confident because they did it. There's no one that doesn't fear something. But the scariest thing is that at the second, third, even the hundredth try, the fear doesn't disappear. The only difference is that each time, you're a little bit more emotionally prepared for it. Do I have the confidence? Even if I do or don't, I still want to do it. Someone once said that doing something just because you have confidence to do it isn't satisfying, but going through and developing the confidence afterward is.

The End.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Marlene Lim

Marlene is the organizer of Miss Global International Malaysia. This is the first time Miss Global International Malaysia ever held in Malaysia and Sarawak, aiming to raise fund for National Cancer Society of Sarawak, Palliative Care Association Miri and Sunflower Center.

Grand Finale: 30th July 2011 at Eastwood Grand Ballroom.
Grand Finale tickets are selling fast!

Tickets are available at RM1500, RM2000, RM3000, RM5000 and RM10000 per table of ten (per pax ticket are also available). Please contact Mr Lewis (0109600502) for tickets/table reservation or log in to find out: