Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Amazing China

Amazing, fascinating, incredible and awesome country and people.  That's how I summed  up my visit to China last august. China itself is filled with rich cultures, resources and memorable history which is worth recalling and understanding the country and its people there. Lots of negative news on this great country once considered closed to the outside world. Since opening up in the late 70s' they have prosper by leaps and bounds and now have overtaken Japan as the second economy of the world.  There are lots of catching up to do to increase their tourism industry like the cleanliness of public toilets and eatery to entice more people coming to their country. On the industry side, they are rushing to modernize, improve the quality of their products beside low price and have yet to have their own brand name products. With its resources especially the human side, there is no doubt they will excel to be the best of the world. People attitudes and behaviors are hard to change and it will take years. A country this size and a population that big, it cannot be denied they have manage their country and people well. Some photos during our visit to christians friends there.

A time of prayer
Selling their vegetable in the open street market.
The lady in pink crossing the street in the city.
A sturdy business woman and also a christian whom we visited broke down in tears. Life has never been easy for anyone regardless of race, faith or religion. We are all human and people work hard to get on with lives. For this woman she has some misunderstanding with the church's elders and has not been going to church and fellowship with any of the members. We visited her and show her His love is greater than any love in this world. That explain why she wiped and she nodded she will go back to church service:)
Looks so innocence. Children.. I just love them.