Sunday, March 27, 2011


Life journey is just about passion for things we hold dear and be contented for what we are and have. Some might say it is money that can buy and solve everything. Others might say no, we need to do things in moderation and not be be intoxicated by all the material things surrounded us lest we ourselves could be tempted by greed and corrupt mind. Rich or poor, people in all walks of life bound to have problems. Simplicity, passion, humility, generosity and the most important, is to be guided by the 'Word' so that we are always be reminded where we are when we are weak. It is not the 'letter' but the 'spirit' of the law that matter. Our deeds and actions should be guilded by the principles of the law.
Few days ago I stopped at the beach as it was still early to fetch my son Larry back from school, I saw this old loving couple walked pass me. I think it was cute and lovely to see this couple, at first they were not holding hands, only after passing me for quite a distance they started to hold hands. To me their gestures show simplicity, passion for quality time together and endurance.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Penan in Sarawak

These photos were taken in Belaga near to the Bakun and Murum dams area.I only show the photos of the Penan we visited where church's missionaries, helpers trying to educate them to be more able to adapt to the social lives and fast changing environment of Sarawak. The settlement of this Penan in this area don't have any sanitation in their home. No toilet and wash room in their hut! When asked where they poo and pee, they told me any where convenient. They will need to learn and be taught about hygiene. No doubt over the years their living standard improve from aids from the timber camps. They used to roam around the forest and built shelter on top the trees(some still do in some part of the interior Sarawak forest). The progress will also depend on how fast they want to learn and catch up and expose themselves with the rest of the Sarawak people.
Climbing the staircase with ease for these kids.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Yes, the Miss Global International Malaysia 2011 is on and Miss Jenna is one of contestants from Sarawak. Jenna is an Iban who speaks Iban, Mandarin, English, Bahasa Malaysia, Hokkien and even Candonese. Asked how she learn to speaks candonese. She told me she learn through watching TV Candonese series. Very impressive for a young indigenous student from Curtin University Miri in business studies. A Sarawakian beauty of Malaysia and a multi-linguist. That's something!:)