Friday, August 12, 2011

Penang Hill

Have never been to Penang before until this year July we hop on Airasia on a cheap fare and spent two days there. Two days was a bit rush to look around Penang. Alice, our ex-employee, was there to take us around Penang and also have a taste of the Penang's famous fried Kway Teow, Si Chon Fen and Laksa. We went up to the Penang Hill and few others places of popular tourists spots.
Here I put up a picture I took on the Penang Hill at 2723ft, known by the locals as 'Bukit Bendara'. The weather was not good as the visibility was hazy and still one can see from the horizon on the right the sight of the famous Penang bridge dual carriageway connecting Penang to Sebarang Prai on the mainland of Malaysia.
Sight on top of Penang Hill.
Another spot of interest is the temple of the goddess of mercy.
The rail track going down from the Penang Hill.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A workshop sessions in KL

That was what I did 25th-27th July last month with two awe inspiring professional wedding and WPPI awards winning photographers, Cm Leung & Ryan Schembri. Of course, three days with these two guys can never gives me what I want - the results and dramas in art of wedding photography. With all the intense listening, seeing how they did their works, the least as student, can maybe grasp 5-10% of what I get from the workshop. I guess from the 10% learned I continue to learn and improve, get critics from masters of the 'art'.
Sifu Cm Leung
Sifu Ryan Schembri in background busy with his camera.

With two great wedding art masters Cm Leung & Ryan Schembri.