Sunday, July 20, 2014

A short three days trip to Mt. Mulu, Sarawak.

It has been a while since I put up anything on my blog. This one were some pictures of Mulu I had with my sister Hilda and her husband, Michael from Canada. As a Sarawakian who has live in Miri since my childhood and only a short distance flight from Miri to there while people around the world came over thousand of miles to see and experience it. It really a shame if I have not visit it. So much wonderful talks have been said about the world's biggest cave but I have put it off until last February my sister asked me whether I would want to go with them. Yea, why not! So much have been heard about the unique amazing cave so I went straight to it to planning and got everything arranged for the three of us to fly from Miri over to Mulu.
Not only did we experience to see the World heritage tropical rainforest and caves. Gunung Mulu is amongst the world's most extensive cave system, the world's largest chamber and passage. I truly love and appreciate the quality time I had with my sister.

 Deer Cave

Abraham Lincoln's Silhouette
Bats hanging up in the cave.

Tourists waiting patiently for the bats to fly out of the cave in formation.
Penan woman

 An old woman washing and bathing by the stream.

 A bat resting inside a leaf.

Looking afar from a hilltop, bats flew in formations.