Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ming & Judy

Judy from young has many dreams. Her dreams are always beautiful and full of splendors. She wants everyone to be happy. Today she is happily married to Ming and I wish them both success, loving and live together happily ever after. They have their wedding ceremony in church on the 15th December, three days after got registered on the 12-12-12. What a double joy and blessing! Blessing and joy from the church, both parents, relatives and friends. Here are some of the pre-wedding & actual day photos and I enjoy and love it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Destination Shoots with Kenvin Pinardy - Safari Park/Mt. Bromo

I have attended many workshops and meeting up with a few master photographers to sharpen my skill as wedding and portraits photographer. Can say I have learnt quite a bit from the previous masters. All are very talented, good and commendable in their own way and style and I will continuous seeking, refining, learning to move further and deeper. Kenvin Pinardy, I really respect him as an artist, photographer, teacher and as friend, I like his personality. He is simple, easy going and to me he shares his talents for those who really have the passion into the 'art' in photography. Enjoy the pics I had with him:P