Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mystical and Fascinating Tibet

Tibet is one of my dream destinations.  The majestic scenes of the Tibetan plateaus and the towering Potala monastery on arrival to the city of Lhasa are some of the landmarks of Tibet.
We arrived from Kumming to Lhasa, the largest of Tibet’s city to acclimatize ourselves for a night before going further by a mini bus led by team leader, Dr. Marcellian from Miri, together with an award landscape photographer from China, photographers from Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, a tourist guide and a police (required by the Chinese government going on a bus in Tibet) to the base camp of Mt. Everest from Tibetan side near the border of Nepal. 

Here I can only show a few photos and scenes of Tibet. To actually experience the trill and beauty, one need to go there to see and feel it. But be warn that one also need to be fit enough to overcome the sometime extreme weather and thin air!

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